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          Do you have favorite a place? Somewhere you’d love to be? Everybody does. Why not make those beloved spots a part of your everyday life?! At SignPost Crew we manufacture unique sign posts that contain the name of your favorite cities and the distance they are from your place – mounted on a sign pointing in the direction where these cities geographically lie. Our one-of-a-kind, signposts can be placed in your garden, backyard, down lanes, at your ranch or on your farm — pretty much anywhere you can imagine.

Custom signposts are perfect for Gardens/Parks, Festivals, Country Roads, County Fairs… you name it. They gleefully direct your visitors to specific areas of your property in a fun and whimsical way.




          Our Posts are built from construction-grade 4 x 4 Douglas Fir and laminated with white cedar ensuring the central element of the signpost is both strong and weather resistant. The post stands 6’-6” tall not (including your chosen topper) and18” of the post should be secured in the ground. The laminated length of the sign is from just above the ground to 48” high. The length of the post is actually 5” square, giving it the perfect balance and aesthetics. The post is milled on our CNC equipment for consistent and economical manufacturing. The signboard mounting area is milled round and is 24” long with the top 3” of the post with the section beneath that being square. The post bottom is wrapped in a moisture barrier highlighting weather sealed joints.


          Our signboards are attached to the post by our patent-pending anodized aluminum mount designed for 360 degree mounting, durability, and aesthetics. At the signboard tips (where it’s most vulnerable to weathering) we also use anodized aluminum for durability. We use corrosion resistant steel (patent pending) for the screws and nuts — all designed for strength and easy assembly.


          All our posts and signboards feature a polymeric weather resistant coating that is safe and easy to paint or stain over. This application gives your signpost a one to two year protection against weather but we do recommend staining or painting them with exterior grade stains or paints. For an additional cost we offer custom painting. To learn more about our custom painting, see ordering information or the custom paint banner.


          The finishing touch on your post is the Topper. We offer you four unique designs that set on the top of the post giving it more flare and elegance. Toppers are constructed of weather resistant redwood. Our pyramid base model sheds water easily and the flat topper serves as a base when adding an eagle, globe, or other decorative figurine. The ball topper can be painted in whatever color you choose. The more elegant copper topper is also weather resistant

Custom Painting & Staining

          SignPost Crew offers custom painting by a local artist who discreetly signs his/her piece of art. Visit the photo gallery to see various local artists’ and their bios. This ensures that each and every signpost becomes unique and one-of-a-kind. Click here to see a sign with our artists’ touch.

Also, click here to see our sign with just stain and painted letters.


          Your sign post crew post is warranted for three months against manufacturing defects. Please note: Some weathering is to be expected of wooden materials. See support page.