About Us


     In 2009 in an attempt to teach his son and daughter a lesson in geography and woodworking, a father of two decided to build a signpost with them.  They re-purposed leftover lumber from various other projects around the house and built and painted their first signpost for their backyard garden.

They came up with cities that hinted at their ancestry as well as cities that sounded exotic from looking at a globe. Despite its rustic look it became a talking point during parties and gatherings. People asked, “Why did you choose this city”?  Some argued over the stated distances, or talked about their own world travels with other guests.

  Three years later the paint was peeling and the signpost was generally looking weathered so they rebuilt in more robustly, choosing lumber types and coatings more suitable to the outdoors.  Meanwhile, friends and guests inquired as to if they could get one made for them, but of course there was no time for this, but an idea was born.

  Today after more than ten years in the making the Signpost Crew has designed a world class architectural grade signpost that is weather resistant, a great value and customizable for your garden or venue.

Mail check to: 250 Bernoulli CirOxnardCA 93030  Phone: 805-415-5721