How many signs can I put on a post?
      Ans: The base sign comes with up to eight signs, although you can order less. Up to 35 signs can for on one post. What ever number of signs you order, it’s best to choose locations that are diverse in direction so that the sing has a reasonable balance

 How is the sign installed ?
      Ans: Instructions will come with your signpost, but the short version is just dig a hole in the location it is to be placed and plant it in the hole. You can fill the hole in with dirt or do a cement fill for better re-enforcement. The signs them selves will arrive in a box and part of the installation process involves you fixing them to the post. Each sign will come with a compass direction in which you point it once mounted to the pole. A compass is required to determine true North.

 How much does the sign cost ?

● Is there a warranty on the sign?
      Ans:  Your sign post crew post is warranted for three months against manufacturing defects. Please note: Some weathering is to be expected of wooden materials. See support page.