How to Order a Custom Sign

First… determine which cities that you would like to appear on the sign post.The basic post comes with up to 8 signs, but you may select up to 35 at additional cost. It’s a good idea to try and select locations that are in  diverse directions, as each sign will point in the direction of that location, and too many locations in a similar direction will make the post look out of balance.

You can order that base sign as demonstrated on the home page, or a signs that are colorfully and uniquely painted by a local artist.
A third option is a post that has stained panel with just the letters painted.

See Basic SignPost  |   See Color Signpost    See Stained SignPost

The Costs are;

Next…. determine how you would like to pay for the sign. We accept credit cards or check by mail. Upon purchase fro the next page, you’ll have the options to pay via PayPal or Credit Card. 

Mail check to: 250 Bernoulli CirOxnardCA 93030